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December 4, 2011
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END RUN: Iris LeMarc by Adcacai END RUN: Iris LeMarc by Adcacai

July 11: Added R4 mon Lily the Liepard! (will cut the team down to three if I don't pass the round) and updated Jefferson's attacks to include Future Sight.

May 26: Added R3 mon and new art wooooo! Jefferson will be Iris' active mon for this round. Still working on editing artist comments to match current events/pokemon.

EDIT: Iris is no longer psychic, feel free to ignore any references to that I might have missed fixing.

Name: Iris Faye LeMarc
Age: 23
Height/Weight: 142 lbs; 5'9"
Hometown/Region: Goldenrod City, Johto (Born in Ecruteak)
Military Faction: Air Force

Extra items:
-Spoons x2 (for Jefferson to practice with)
-Incense (for meditation)
-Pocket Watch
-Standard issue gear (knife, goggles, rations, etc )
-Bomber Jacket, scarf, etc
-Dress Blues

| Organized | Determined | Stubborn | Analytical | Impulsive |

Underneath her very structured presentation of herself is a very competetive young woman with an odd sense of humor and a vindictive streak. She frequently gives her friends a hard time about their varying opinions and has been known to tease them every now and then- though sometimes her teasing falls a little flat if not downright awkward when she speaks before she thinks.

Iris isn't typically the type to initiate conversation, but is generally polite when approached by a stranger for the first time. She's also snarky and sarcastic when irritated and not against knocking down an ego or two when approached by a member of the opposite sex. After recently being jilted by a former love she's VERY particular about the company she keeps. Besides, she has a feeling romance on the battlefield is tempting fate just a little too much.

She's also slightly OCD-at least in the fact that she has certain organizational tendencies like straightening piles of paper over and over again or constantly wiping dirt off of her boots.

In the Air Force she takes orders from her commanding officers very seriously and does her best to follow regulations to a 'T'. She's a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to how people view her-at least in a professional setting, and only really lets her hair down and relaxes when she's out with friends or on her own.

The LeMarc Family of Ecruteak would have you believe that they come from a long and illustrious line of psychics, traveling the back and forth between Kanto and Johto to spread the mystery and wonder of the supernatural as they reunite the living with their long dead lovers and as they mystify the unbelieving with their fantastical skills.

Too bad it’s all just one big hoax.

A part of a gypsy-esque troop of circus performers and sideshow acts the LeMarc family has made a living off of their keen observation skills and mastery of illusions for generations as professed psychics and magicians. Before the great war their psychic acts were among the most popular of traveling performances, playing on the superstitions of the general audiences that attended their shows. After the war, however, things began to change for the family business. Attendance fell as tensions rose between the two nations, and eventually the troop was forced to remove Kanto from its regular circuit. Many accused the LeMarc’s of preying on those mourning their loved ones lost during the war, and soon their act was nothing more than a sideshow to lure a few extra coins out of the gullible rather than the main attraction that it once was. It was into this life that Iris was born and that she would eventually grow to resent.

As a child she adored her mother and the costumes she wore as a flying trapeze artist, flitting through the air like a beautiful fairy. What little girl wouldn’t be entranced, even as her father taught her the skills and techniques that would make her the careful observer necessary for ‘psychic’ guesswork. One fateful night at the age of three she made a decision. Tired of practicing and playing on the small training contraptions with her mother spotting her, Iris snuck out of her parents wagon. She was going to prove she was good enough to be on the REAL trapeze. Rung by rung she climbed the ladder-all the way to the top before she made one, tiny, life changing mistake.

She looked down.

Hours went by as the she listened, terrified and trapped, to all the noises of captive circus pokemon until eventually her parents found her and brought her down. From that day forward Iris has had an inexplicable fear of heights.

Afterwards she spent the rest of her time with the circus helping her father with his magic acts and psychic demonstrations, quickly learning the trade. It was a happy enough life, at least until she hit her rebellious years of teenage angst-as all children do. And what better way to rebel in the face of your circus freak parents than to run away to college at the age of 16? It took her a good year of working and studying before she was finally admitted into the university in Goldenrod and put herself through school. She studied several topics-history, literature, psychology, economics- and when she finally graduated at the age of 20 she was able to procure a high paying secretarial position at a nearby law firm. All in all she was living the perfect, organized life she had always dreamed of....

Then he came along.

A scruffy, scraggly bearded private eye with a nose for trouble and unorthodox methods of observation. Before she knew it she was roped into playing assistant and sidekick to this bizarre character that she couldn’t stand- and oddly enough she found herself falling for as time went by.

They made a good team, until the war began. Originally from Kanto his father had served in the last great war, and he was quick to get out of town before anyone got wise enough to remember that small little fact. Iris, however, was heartbroken-furious with him for leaving her with little more than a note, his office, and a heavy drinking tab at the bar downstairs. A woman’s scorn is no laughing matter- so when she saw the recruitment posters there was no hesitation. Admittedly not her most thoughtful decision considering her poor opinions of war as an unnecessary conflict but she’s bound to see it through. Her pride demands it. And it’s not as if the structured life of a soldier doesn’t have its perks. Mandatory organization and cleanliness is right up her alley.

Friends, Enemies, Acquaintances:


Other Facts:
-Her plane is nicknamed "The Yellow Bandit" after Jefferson.

Jefferson | Kadabra | Inner Focus | Modest | Male

As an abra Jeff was a lovable ball of fluff, constantly getting into trouble, teleporting on top of people, messing up hair with static electricity, etc. All in all a mischievous turd until fighting with Iris' Skarmory forced him to grow up fast. The war has already been rough on this fun loving little guy between adjusting to his adolescent psychic powers and both the mental and physical strain of war. He still maintains his love for mischief, but his growth spurt has made certain shenanigans more difficult to pull off. Whenever he's around clocks have a tendency to turn backwards and radios will mysteriously flicker on and off.

Opinion of Iris: Iris is his closest friend in the camp, and he's become very attached. Loyal and devoted, he risked his life to safe her and Irene in the battle of Undella bay. He's also somewhat more aggressive when it comes to protecting her, and any stray thoughts in the negative towards her tend to get an ominous warning in the form of a not so friendly prank. They have a strong psychic link that slowly transcends words.

Fighting Style:
On the battlefield Jefferson uses his teleportation abilities for gathering intel, sneak attacks, and sabotaging enemy planes. When fighting other pokemon he also uses the ability to 'get the drop' on them, using the surprise to attack from above. This technique, while slightly less effective against certain bird species, serves him well in the air. He can also use his powers to catch fallen comrades and safely teleport them to the ground should something go wrong with their air craft. It can't be completely proven, but there's also a rumor this service is also occasionally rendered to the enemy side. Jefferson, like his trainer, is really more of a pacifist at heart but he does his best to help his friends in the air force.

Other Facts:
-Jefferson loves cookies and sweets. If you have a stash, be warned.
-He doesn't openely toot his own horn, but while he's a modest natured abra he does tend to get a bit of an ego when he's outwitted an oponent.
-Jefferson communicates with both words and feelings/images. As a pokemon type with an unusually high IQ (at least according to the shows) he began to pick on the words people used relatively quickly-particularly after spending a good amount of time locked in a lab with chatty scientists and military officers. His speech is still occasionally broken up with images and outpourings of emotion, but he is now fluent in English and has picked up on words and phrases commonly used by other camp residents in their native languages.

Skrimir | Skarmory | Keen Eye | Adamant | Male

George | Cofagrigus | Mummy | Bold | Male

Once an ancient ruler whose soul lingered in this world, George has spent his most recent years on display in many of the world's premier museums, most recently as an installment in Goldenrod's esteemed collection.

A creature of subtlety, George would bide his time between meals, careful to lure only the occasional security guard between intrepid thieves searching for treasures. However, one can only go so long before rumors begin to follow in the wake of the haunted, and with the military looking for new recruits it wasn't long before they hauled his coffin off to be used as a not so living weapon.

Unlike other pokemon acquired for the military, George was quick to see the opportunity presented him. An entire battlefield filled with men who would not be missed--at least so long as they were wearing the right color when they vanished~ For the first time in centuries he'd be returning to the battlefield, and it would be a battle to remember~

After spending so long stored in dusty warehouses and on display in a variety of museums George has managed to pick up on various speech patterns, most noticeably that of the very proper, polite, perfectly harmless, and positively charming british scholar. He has excellent manners, and is a delightful gentleman--until you turn your back. While he has agreed to only eat enemies he faces on the battlefield, he's not against trapping 'minor' irritations for a good scare. A mouthy recruit, an obnoxious younger mon--all fair game. Also, he crabwalks to get around because levitating is for commoners: [link]

Opinion of Iris: A lovely young attendant. A little too intelligent for his tastes. And, naturally, she should be the one taking orders from him-- if not on the battlefield then at least day to day.

Fighting Style:
As much as he loves gobbling up his next meal, George also likes to play with his food, focusing on tormenting his victims in the worst ways possible. He even goes so far as to curse them if he's feeling particularly vengeful before he charges in for the kill. In the air, however, he's limited to merely attacking from a distance unless confronted by physical battlers. Depending on whether or not Iris is flying solo he takes up the two back seats (removed) in the cockpit or holds on to the underbelly of the plane with several of his many ghost arms.

Lily | Liepard | Limber | Hasty | Female

Lily is a classy lady, and she. is. better than you. Period. At least, that's how she feels in this team of militarized males. She was only recently introduced to military life, having been left behind when her owner fled Ecruteak City during the Kanto invasion. She spent most of her time skulking around the abandoned old quarter until bombings drove her out and nearly killed her. (insert end of R3 spoilers here)

Because of her territorial and possessive nature, she and Jeff spend a LOT of time fighting over Iris' time and affections, the needy beasties.

Where Jefferson now takes the offensive, Lily has become Iris' defensive back-up partner. She's a sneaky little beast who will steal all your stat boosts before chomping on your jugular should you meet her on the ground.

Iris, Jefferson, Skrimir, and George (c) AdainCafell
Pokemon (c) Game Freak/ Nintendo
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